Justin Timberlake To Release 20/20 Experience Vol. 2 In November

Justin Timberlake Streams The 20/20 Experience
Justin Timberlake irá lançar o seu novo álbum, The 20/20 Experience, amanhã e já há notícias de um novo álbum. De acordo com Questlove dos The Roots segue-se um volume 2 de 20/20 em Novembro com 10 faixas!

Justin Timberlake will release his upcoming album, The 20/20 Experience, tomorrow (Tuesday in the US), and there are already news of a follow up! According to The Roots' Questlove there is a 20/20 Experience Volume 2 coming in November with 10 tracks, hence the 20/20 (10 tracks now and 10 in November).
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