Introducing: The GoAround

Hey guys. Time for some new artists?? I'm proud to introduce you to The GoAround, an alt-rock/pop duo made up of brothers, Anthony and Alexander Saddic. The guys come from Pennsylvania and have released their new album, Restating the Question. To me the edgiest track is Fooled, this can be really considered rock, loving the guitars and the bass. Make It Loud is another favourite track of mine just because it is very "folky" :) ! Now to the tracks that have more pottential to succeed: Remedy, When I Hit The Bottom, On Your Shoulders and War. These to me are the ones that could easily chart the top 40 radio charts, they have all to appeal to the mainstream rock/pop lovers (surely fans of Kris Allen, Phillip Phillips, and similar acts). If you love music and enjoy alt/rock/pop music check these guys out because they're really worth it!!

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