Introducing: Cub Scouts

One of the things I love the most about being a blogger is that I get to know a lot of new artists. I am proud to introduce you all to Cub Scouts, an indie/pop band from Brisbane, Australia. The members are: 
Tim Nelson - Vocals & Piano
Zoe Davis - Vocals & Bass
Sam Netterfield - Vocals & Keys
Daniel Puusaari - Drums
Andrew Williams - Guitar

They recently released their debut EP, Told You So, and the title track is the perfect example of their artistry. Just loving this track, extremely catchy and Tim's vocals sound amazing. To mention also their trademark use of the keyboards that gives this track a cool vibe! If you love indie music I am sure you will enjoy this band. Evie and Do You Hear are my other favourite tracks off this EP that is out now!

Uma das coisas que eu adoro em ser um blogger é que vou conhecendo cada vez mais novos artistas. Aqui vos apresento os Cub Scouts, uma banda indie/pop de Brisbane, Austrália. Eles lançaram o 1º EP, Told You So, e a faixa título é o exemplo da qualidade e talento desta banda. Se gostam de indie/pop irão gostar imenso desta banda. Em baixo podem conferir o vídeo de Told You So!

For more info on Cub Scouts:

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