[INTERVIEW] Carlos Nóbrega

Carlos Nóbrega
Tive a grande oportunidade de poder entrevistar o multifacetado Carlos Nóbrega! Como a entrevista é grande irei dividir em 2 partes. A 2ª parte será colocada cá amanhã! Falamos sobre as suas inspirações, novos projetos musicais, etc.A entrevista está em inglês! :)

I had the big opportunity of interviewing Carlos Nóbrega, actor, photographer, writer and singer! Since the interview is a bit big I will split it on 2 parts. We talk about his inspirations, favourite artists, new projects, etc. The 2nd part will be posted tomorrow!  

1.       You started out as an actor on Portuguese TV Show Riscos (that follows the lives of a group of teenagers at school), am I correct?
Yes, indeed, it is. SOOO many years ago.
2.       When did you realise you had that acting “bug”? Was it always with you while growing up in Madeira Island?
I think I always had the acting bug, and the stage bug (laughs)  since i was a little little Carlitos (laughs) .
3.       So after many years as a successful actor in Portugal what made you decide to pursue a singing career?
Probably watching MTV. (laughs). I started as a singer long long time ago. My career as a singer started before my first role in “Riscos”. I remember that stage ( Teatro Baltazar dias, Funchal – Madeira) . Oh man, I was 12,  and I won that contest. Since then, music is my life. I really mean this. Music is my life. It is my form of love. If I didn't have it, I wouldn't be the person I am. And , 17 years later here I am.  I worked very hard to be where I am now, I love doing movies, Tv shows but music is my things.  I like the way music makes people feel. I ́m very emotional. I like the fact that you can express yourself. I like the fact that you have so much at your disposal; you have so many resources when it comes to music, so many different sounds together, genres... so many different people to collaborate with and work with, it's an amazing industry as far as songwriting goes. Music is my life.
   4.       You are now living in Spain. Why did you move there? Any plans on returning to Portugal any time soon?
I don´t think so, ha. I´m good here, i love Madrid.  Lisbon, well Portugal was a great place to start, and I’ve enjoyed my time there, sometimes I haven’t enjoyed so much. But I got plenty of work done there. I didn’t wanna, like, bury my life or anything. I just needed to have a fresh start, just to keep creative. Keep the story interesting, you know? Just move on. I have projects in Portugal, as an actor too, and when I have to shoot I’ll go to Lisbon but I always come back here. I´m gonna start my tour soon, before Summer, and of course Portugal is on my plans. Well, I can´t say very much right now, but YES, Portugal.. I’ll be there .  Assim que esperem por mim!!!
5.       Pitiful was released last year as your first official single. What can we expect from you this year, musically speaking?
All these years I've been writing, working as an actor, I think I needed time to concentrate on my carreer as a singer and not doing everything at the time. ‘PITIFUL” is my evolution, as a person too! I am going to be dropping my next single which will be followed by another, a collaboration with a great singer. Well my sound is a pop/electro sound so you expect that through the music. So at the moment we are working hard for the tour. My dancers are helping me a lot. We´re preparing all show And  you can expect a lot of melodic hook lines, a lot of hooks and some epic visuals - I think you will really like. It's very theatrical. It's deep, profound and it'll make you feel . (laughs) and dance…   I'm very, very excited and I hope people like it! As a songwriter I can’t put myself in a box and I try to be as versatile as possible.  I want to re-define the word unique. Inspiring youth to break down walls and take over the world is something that needs to happen. We cannot simply write music and sing….
Oh i´m a mess.. new single? Yeah! Not one but two. Enough said! Ha! I´ll release my next single I hope in May. Well ok, my second single will be released in May.
And “Pitiful” is on the tracklist of the new compilation from Aztec Records and EQ, “This beat is poptronik”  wich will be released this month, 16 th April! It´s a honor being part of this compilation and in the Poptronik Family!
6.       Who are your musical inspirations?
Justin Timberlake. Frankmusik, Oh now he´sVincent Did it, Darren Hayes, Robyn, Sound of Arrows, Chicane, Trentmoller, Chris Brown, Whitney Houston, Lucia Moniz, David Fonseca, yes I do love Portuguese music, ha, Shawn Desman, Danny Saucedo, Madonna, Gaga, Coldplay, Deepest blue, Electric Lady Lab. 
7.       If you could go open up for any artist on tour who would it be?
Darren Hayes!!!! Or Vincent Did, Justin Timberlake and Shawn Desman. Enough said. 

This is it for part 1! Hope you guys liked it and stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!!

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