ALBI. Shares Spellbinding New Single ‘Alive’

Brisbane-based singer-songwriter ALBI. returns with her spellbinding new single Alive, an infectious electro-pop song paired with indie elements. 
Out now via Nü Inc. Sound, Alive features stellar R&B vocals that exude so much soul and emotion, soaring effortlessly over a lush production by British record producer Song Higginson. Alive is a song about the excitement and rush of feelings that come when fully enamoured with someone, making you feel the better version of yourself and fully alive. This message is wrapped around a memorable production that pairs pounding drums and melodic guitar riffs with cool rhythms and electronics that together create an overall high-energy, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, ALBI. said, 
I fell in love with someone before we were ready, we went our separate ways then after some time, recently reconnected. I wrote this song in the week after we rekindled the connection whilst coming to terms with my resurfaced feelings - and knowing that no one compares to them. This is a track that explores being fully enamoured with someone, acknowledging an imperfect past with them but being excited for the future, now that you are both ready for love after taking time to evolve into better versions of yourselves.