Pikes Shares New Single ‘Play!’

Pikes, the moniker of Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Christoffer Ling, is back with yet another gorgeous piece of music entitled Play!, an upbeat indie/electro-pop music, out now via ART:ERY Music Group. 
His third single of the year, following Slime and Take You Out Dancing, Play!, taken from his upcoming album Yuppie, has a memorable retro touch that instantly won me over and I think you will too. Play! is a song about musicians trying to adjust to modern day attention span, perfectly capturing the want for attention musicians need to make it today. This message is beautifully conveyed through his confident, expressive vocals that are backed by groovy guitar riffs, punchy drums and cool atmospherics that make this quite a memorable listening experience. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Pikes said, 
‘Play! is about the modern day musician. The entertainer that has existed through out the millenniums trying to adjust to the modern attention span. I wanted to capture the desperation and the want for attention that the musician needs to possess in order to make it today. It’s definitely not enough just to be a great musician. You need to be a circus clown and you need to cater to the ego of the consumer of your work.'