Pikes Shares New Single ‘Slime’

Pikes, the moniker of Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Christoffer Ling, has just shared his brand new single Slime, an upbeat, retro-infused, indie-pop/rock cut out now via ART:ERY Music Group. 
What I like the most about this song is how passionate Pikes's vocals are, soaring effortlessly over the captivating production. Taken from his upcoming album Yuppie, Slime is a song about people that are slimy, that act a part in order to get what they want and need in life. It is also a song that aims to encourage listeners to stop talking themselves down and be more confident. This message is backed by retro electronic rhythms and synths which are seamlessly intertwined with cool guitars and punchy drums that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Pikes said, 
Slime is about a slimy person. The story behind it is that I had up until a certain point thought that the Swedish word ”Inställsam” which means slimy instead meant unable to adjust / hard to adapt to change. So I had been using it wrong all my life, telling people that I was slimy and nobody ever corrected me. So I wanted to write a song about a slimy person, and try to get into that mindset. I sometimes wish I could act a part or be more agreeable and slimy in order to get what I need. I also wish I would stop talking myself down when I talk about what I do best. But I guess that’s a Swedish thing.