Songs That Defined My Year - 2022 Edition

It's that time of the year already. 2022 went by so fast and I can't believe 2023 is right around the corner. I wanted to do a little recap of some of the songs that I listened a lot and that bring me fond memories of good times passed with friends and reflective moments home alone as well. I narrowed things down to 12, a fitting number for the year even though I could have a list of hundreds of songs that made my year. 


So let's kick things off with The Knocks and Dragonette's Slow Song. Dragonette's wistful vocals and that stunning production, paired with the visuals which feature Drag Race's winner Aquaria, are the combination I didn't know I needed. A powerful song with deep lyrics wrapped around an upbeat electro-pop production that I have on constant repeat, with my best friend knowing every single lyric and singing along to it whenever I play it. 

Moving on to Jessie Ware who gifted us with a powerful anthem called Free Yourself. This is my go to song whenever I want that extra dose of energy and uplifting vibes to brighten up my day. Jessie's rich, commanding vocals encourage the listeners to free themselves and the groovy production, with killer rhythms and piano chords, is guaranteed to get you in a good mood and dancing in no time. Her live performance at Glastonbury is as captivating as its studio version and makes me feel like I'm there in the crowd having the time of my life. 


Jumping to the blissful collaboration between Elton John and Britney Spears's Hold Me Closer. Britney's first new music since 2016, Hold Me Closer incorporates three of Sir Elton John's classic hits: Tiny Dancer, The One and Don't Go Breaking My Heart, all reworked over a summer-fresh club beat. The echoing vocals, Britney's dynamic vocal delivery, groovy bass and piano keys make this such a memorable, feel-good anthem that has been a must-listen during my long road trips with my friends. 


When I first heard Purple Disco Machine and Sophie and the Giants' In The Dark I was addicted to it and knew my best friend would love it too. Sophie's gorgeous vocals are packed with soul and confidence, gliding beautifully over the retro-infused electro-pop/disco production with groovy beats, funky guitar licks and bright synths. This is one of those songs perfect to play as loud as possible and let that infectious energy hypnotise us, making me want to sing along to it while dancing alone in the privacy of my bedroom. Very fond moments with this song in the background!


Moving to Berlin-based, Danish synth-pop duo Sweet Tempest, my most played artist this year on Spotify. This was my big "discover" of the year with so many songs that I love such as Someone God Doesn't Love, Supermodel and I Was Young. But it was White Country that got things rolling for me, with its powerful driving beat and Luna Kira's powerful, commanding vocals making me fall in love with their music. A powerful social commentary wrapped around a high-energy synth-pop production that I play whenever I want to unwind after a stressful day and just dance my pain away!


Australian pop sensations Cub Sport made this list with two songs that completely got me excited to share with my friends and everyone! First, Always Got The Love, an upbeat, feel-good piece of electro-pop music perfect to sing along to that got me in a summer mood as soon as it was released in June. An absolute gem that beautifully showcases Tim Nelson's dynamic, heavenly vocals over effervescent 2-step beat, lush piano chords and synths that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a carefree summer's day by the beach and/or sunset drives. 


I thought they couldn't top this release so soon but I was proven wrong when they released Replay last month. As the title suggest, I have this song on replay and am absolutely addicted to it. Tim Nelson's gorgeous vocals are the star of the song,from the seductive whisper-like verses to a gossamer falsetto that glides effortlessly atop the infectious melodies. Those vocals are backed by waves of sinewy sub-bass, lush synths, killer Balearic beat and rhythms that make Replay a memorable piece of glassy, gorgeous dance music with a dreamy and emotive atmosphere that oozes summer vibes, getting us warm during these cold, winter days! Simply breathtaking with visuals that effortlessly enhance its emotion and warm vibes!


I am surprised at how many upbeat songs I have on this list. But it wouldn't be a top favourite songs list without heartwrenching and melancholic songs, as that is what defines who I am as a person. Maro's Saudade Saudade, Portugal's Eurovision entry of 2022 (Which got us a 9th place in the final) is the epitome is what Saudade means to us portuguese. The touch of melancholia, nostalgia and longing are beautifully carried by Maro's vocals and as well as her backing vocalists that, combined with the subtle production, created quite a memorable, intimate and heartwarming atmosphere that won over the hearts of many of us. Definitely one of those songs to give us the feels and a soothing atmosphere.


British duo Seafret have been one of my favourite alternative/indie/folk duos of late and I was so excited when I heard new music from them. Pictures is a nostalgia-infused piece of music that beautifully showcases the duo's signature tender and passionate songwriting that is effortlessly conveyed through Jack Sedman's distinctive, emotional vocal delivery. The subtle acoustic guitar melody, which is paired with delicate piano keys, makes quite a warm and comforting atmosphere that I always play the song when I want to connect with my emotions and just be left alone with my thoughts.

Canadian singer-songwriter Soran has gifted us with What If, a heartwarming song that showcases his silky smooth vocals which are packed with so much raw emotion that instantly making us feel each and every single word he is singing. I am loving the combination of the intricate acoustic guitar strugms, killer beat and emotive piano chords that enhance his message of encouraging one to stop overthinking and just live in the moment. 

London-based alt-pop artist Siobhán Winifred's heartfelt sophomore single This House won my heart seconds after listening to her gorgeous timbre and how emotive her vocal delivery is. A relatable song that captures the heartache that comes with seeing an ex with someone new, a message wrapped around a warm indie-pop production with subtle rhythms and guitar plucks creating the perfect soundscape for Siobhán's vulberable, expressive vocals to soar. This is another one of those songs I play when I am in a mood, home alone with my thoughts.

To wrap things up, words cannot express how much I love Labrinth's song I'm Tired (both the solo and with Zendaya versions). Taken from HBO's hit series Euphoria Season 2 soundtrack, I'm Tired perfectly sums up what's going on with Zendaya's character Rue. Labrinth is such a gifted artist and this song sounds like a hymn that won me over from the very first listen. There's so much raw emotion and melancholia in this song that I can't stop listening to it at least a few times a week since it came out earlier this year.

This list is simply just my way of sharing songs that I think you guys should check out, songs that made a big impact in my life and I hope you enjoy the playlist below on Spotify!