Siobhán Winifred Shares Heartfelt Single ‘This House’

London-based alt-pop artist Siobhán Winifred has just shared her heartfelt second single This House, a stunning indie-pop song that captures the heartache that comes with seeing an ex with someone new. 
I have to say that I am madly in love with the tone of Siobhán Winifred's vocals and how her vocal delivery and harmonies are packed with raw emotion and vulnerability, effortlessly making us feel each and every single word she is saying. This House evokes a raw and emotional energy that is quickly becoming synonymous with Siobhán's music and it is a delicate slice of indie pop music about broken relationships and the fallout thereafter. Siobhán's soul is vulnerably laid out for all to see and her gorgeous vocals are nicely backed by intricate guitar lines and warm rhythms that create an emotional and melancholic atmosphere that instantly gave me the feels and that I find perfect for those introspective days home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new release, Siobhán Winifred said, 
‘This House’ was written at a time when I was at my most vulnerable. I had it all down in 20 minutes and the vocals on the final version are all from the first take, everything was so raw. The song was written 2 days after a house party that my ex, his new girlfriend and I were all at. The song is about all the conflicting emotions you have when you want someone to be happy but are struggling to watch them move on. I wanted to capture the intense feeling of claustrophobia I had that night. Everybody there knew the situation and it just reached a point where I had to leave. I included sounds of a house party on the track and the production kicks in on the line ‘so I think I better leave’ – it’s about reaching breaking point and desperately needing to escape.