Sweet Tempest Shares New Single ‘White Country’

Sweet Tempest, the project of Berlin-based synth-pop duo consisting of artists Luna Kira and Julian Winding, have just shared their brand new single White Country, an infectious synth-pop track out now via KIKIKIX. 
White Country is a satirical way to express the bands extreme disappointment in the current racial climate in their home country, Denmark. The band address how at the moment it has become somwhat normalised to show disrespect and malice towards other ethnic backgrounds, in particular refugees. This powerful message is wrapped around a memorable blend of nu-disco and synth-pop elements that create an overall upbeat, feel-good atmosphere. I am particularly fond of the confident, passionate vocals, lush synths and how the song has an infectious memorable driving beat that got me hooked right after the very first listen. 
Speaking about the song, Sweet Tempest said, 
It is a song for the members of Danish congress who build their careers on the backs of the broken and celebrate their successes on social media with pictures of ‘Danish values’. The only thing surpassing their incompetence is the shamelessness of their disdain for non white people. This song isn’t about integration, this song is about the people who neglected to implement it and then turned it into a career move.
Accompanying the release, the duo have shared a captivating music video, directed by Matthew Thorne, which gives the song a cold, gritty and industrial touch to the song. Check it out below!