Ocean Tisdall Shares New Single ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

Following on from the release of his captivating cut Crying Room and anti-valentine's pop anthem White Lies, Irish alt-pop artist Ocean Tisdall has just shared his brand new single Boys Don't Cry, the title track of his highly-anticipated debut EP set to arrive on November 11th through Universal Music. 
I am a fan of Ocean Tisdall's alluring, heartfelt vocal delivery and how it beautifully make us feel each and every single word he sings. As the title implies, Boys Don't Cry is a song about society views men when it comes to mental health and body image issues. Unfortunately there's still this stigma that boys/men shouldn't show their feelings and with this song Ocean shares his own experience of going through an eating disorder and hot it affected him. This is a reflective, emotionally-charged alt-pop song that features a bed of bright and pulsing production throughout that perfectly illustrates the warm and embracing feel that his new collection will look to explore. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new release, he said, 
'Boys Don’t Cry' is about how I think society views men when it comes to body image and mental health. I noticed it first and when I was going through my own eating disorder. I’ve always been really good at talking about my feelings but with this topic it just felt so hard, and the weirdest thing was that I wasn’t able to talk about what I was going through to anyone. But the minute it came down to writing the song in the studio with my co-writer seven it just fell out of me. Being able to see the other men in the studio, like my Co Writer & producers, start to relate and discuss their own experiences. It really made me realise that a lot of men go through this but we just don’t open up.