Ocean Tisdall Shares New Single ‘Crying Room’

Following on from the release of his anti-valentines pop anthem ‘White Lies’ earlier this year, Irish alt-pop artist Ocean Tisdall is back with his heartfelt new single Crying Room, out now via Universal Music.
Crying Room finds the talented artist channelling more of the raw and passionate aesthetic he has cultivated for himself already, effortlessly showcasing his gorgeous vocals and passionate vocal delivery that beautifully connects us to what he is singing. This is a song about how sometimes our emotions take control of our reality, using things such as alcohol and partying to distract us from our problems. This is a very relatable song which is nicely wrapped around a memorable pop production with infectious melodies that create the perfect soundscape for Ocean Tisdall's powerful, expressive vocals and heartfelt storytelling to soar.
Speaking about the song, Ocean Tisdall said, 
 'Crying Room' to me is the epitome of growing up in gen z. Sometimes we allow our emotions to control the outcome of our reality and it’s so hard not letting that ruin core memories in our life. I wanted to write about the feeling of being “that guy” at a party. Depressed & consumed by tears, we often drown others that may be dealing with their own issues but wanting an escape into our own mess, so having a “Crying room” to go to at these places would have been perfect.
Accompanying the release, Ocean Tisdall has shared its official music video which perfecctly embodies the song's message and atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the video, Ocean said, 
The music video is everything that I wanted it to be, an exact representation of how I see the song in my head. As a generation we tend to use alcohol and partying as a distraction from reality and the stresses of growing up in today’s society, so the idea that as soon as a single tear falls from your eye you would be dragged away into the crying room really excited me. A huge part of that was due to the Director of the video ‘Seven’ also being the co-writer of the song. He really understood the meaning like no one else could have and this is why it was so easy for us to bring the story to life. It’s definitely my favourite video I’ve shot so far.