Greta Isaac Shares Anthemic New Single ‘PAYRI$E’

Welsh singer and songwriter Greta Isaac is back with a blustering pop anthem PAYRI$E, the 5th single to be taken from her forthcoming EP I Think You’d Hate It Here, due out in May via Made Records. 
Following her previous singles Nuh Uh and how are you not freaking out?, PAYRI$E is Greta's biggest, brashest song to date as it is packed with so much confidence and energy that is guaranteed to get you energised in no time. I am particularly fond of the big, bold synth riffs that move into Greta’s playful arpeggiating verses and later culminating in an anthemic, soaring chorus which gives way to a beautifully raucous cacophony that is simply begging for a pop mosh pit. I'm loving Greta Isaac's confident, passionate vocal delivery which instantly connects the listeners to her relatable storytelling.
PAYRI$E is a song about taking a stand and demand more from your life and relationships, knowing what you want and not be afrais to ask for it. This message is wrapped around an upbeat electro pop song with bold synths and punchy beat that create an anthemic, feel-good atmosphere perfect to get you ready for a fun weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Greta explains,
I wrote 'PAYRI$E' with Martin Luke Brown and Nova Blu in London last year. I wanted to write something that felt unapologetically brash and loud and demanding. I think for a lot of my life I’ve made myself smaller in order to accommodate other people. Even when I’ve intentionally made myself bigger, funnier, prettier, it’s been to entertain or perform or to try and facilitate the perfect conditions for how I’m experienced by other people. I tend to take on a bit of a character when I write, but I wanted to use the process of writing 'PAYRI$E' as a way to take up some space for myself and demand more from my life and from my relationships. The outcome is a bit of a mess to be honest, but the character of 'PAYRI$E' just doesn’t have the resources to explicitly ask for what she needs in her relationship.. so I guess she’ll just take cash credit or cheque for now while she figures it out!