Greta Isaac Shares New Single ‘how are you not freaking out?’

Following January's smooth single Nuh Uh, Welsh singer and songwriter Greta Isaac shares yet another stunning electro-pop song called how are you not freaking out?, out now via Made Records. 
This expansive new single is the latest instalment to her eagerly anticipated new EP I Think You’d Hate It Here, due for release on May 6th via Made Records. Teaming up with friends and fellow artists Orla Gartland and Matt Zara to write the song, how are you not freaking out? offers a change in pace to the frantic and larger than life sounds found on previous tasters to the EP. A song about suppressing feelings and performing to expectations, how are you not freaking out? finds Greta singing about realising the error in her people-pleasing ways and offers startling imagery to convey the panic when this realisation sets in - “I see the wood for the trees and they’re on fire.” This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through Greta's vulnerable, expressive vocals which soar over a subdued guitar-based melody and as the song progresses, so too does it build and eventually release into a stirringly powerful soundscape. Check out its captivating visuals below!



Speaking of the single, Greta said
I wrote this one with my good friend Orla Gartland and Matt Zara. This song has always felt like a dark, wet, cold suburban neighbourhood. I guess what that brings up for me is the suppression of emotion in a bid to keep up with appearances, or to avoid becoming difficult. And even when you’re brave enough to speak up and be truthful about your emotions, and you’re met with resistance or rejection, you can feel lonely and it can be difficult to trust yourself ever again. To me, this is a song about honesty, anger and resistance.