L.A. Rochelle Shares New Single ‘Take Me Home’

Emerging alt-pop pproducer, singer and songwriter L.A. Rochelle has just shared his brand new single Take Me Home, an emotive electro-pop cut out now via Tripel. 
The latest single to be taken from his debut EP CHAPTER 1 : DENIAL / ANGER, which includes the previously released singles ALL AWAY and IDONTEVERWANNATHINKABOUTYOUNOMORE, Take Me Home is a smooth pop song that finds L.A. Rochelle reflecting of the aftermath of what had happened in his life, and how that made him feel numb and detached from reality. This powerful message is wrapped around intricate acoustic guitar riffs that are seamlessly intertwined with a catchy beat, dreamy harmonies and light electronics that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day at home. I am really fond of his silky, smooth vocals and how expressive his delivery is, packed with raw emotion that instantly connects us to his storytelling. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, L.A. Rochelle said, 
I wrote this song when I was in complete denial of what had happened in my life, and I remember feeling so detached from my own body and disconnected from the people around me. I was angry at everything and everyone, while blaming myself for all the emotions I was feeling: broken and unable to understand why no one could do anything to fix this. I think I was hoping that somebody would come take me away, and that they’d somehow make me feel something. I didn’t care who or what that was - I kept finding myself in desperate need of human connection, searching for someone to save me from myself, someone who could make me feel like I was ‘Home’ again.