Following the release of his emotive debut single ‘ALL AWAY’, emerging alt-pop pproducer, singer and songwriter L.A. Rochelle returns with a vibrant new single titled IDONTEVERWANNATHINKABOUTYOUNOMORE, out now via Tripel. 
Taken from his eagerly-awaited EP Chapter 1: Denial / Anger,
 IDONTEVERWANNATHINKABOUTYOUNOMORE continues the devastating narrative that ALL AWAY first introduced us to, showing the artist baring his own personal thoughts and conflicts as the remains haunted by the memories of those he has lost. This is his way to deal with those memories and loss, trying to come to terms with what happened. I am very fond of the way the upbeat rhythms contrast the lyrical content, giving us something to sing along to while dancing to its infectious melodies. I am a fan of his super smooth and expressive vocals which are nicely backed by cool guitar riffs and groovy beat that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Have a listen to this bilingual gem below!



Speaking about the new song, he said,
This wasn’t written as a romantic pop song: it’s an inner monologue capturing the war between my head and my heart as I struggle to accept the fact that one of my best friends has taken the life of my other best friend. This is my way of bringing these scars to the surface to try and heal. It’s me hoping that if I can excavate this internal conflict, I would be able to hear my heart over my head. This duality is symbolised in the bilingual nature of the lyrics: my psyche sings the opening statement in English, and my subconscious is firing back in French.