L.A. Rochelle Shares New Single ‘ALL ALWAY’

London-based French producer, singer and songwriter L.A. Rochelle has just shared his brand new single ALL AWAY, a captivating electro-pop song out now via TRIPEL. 
The L.A. Rochelle project and pseudonym was born from tragedy, as the artist escaped his flat in Paris where his best friend had taken the life of his other best friend. Both were his flatmates, and the pair were hiding a relationship due to one of the friends hiding their sexuality, driven to being so secretive for fear of judgement from their family. 
ALL AWAY is L.A. Rochelle's therapeutic aid to deal with the sorrow he suffered following what happened and is a song about the several ways we try to escape from reality, to numb ourselves from shock and the things we find too hard to cope with. 
This powerful message is wrapped around a memorable electro-pop production on which his smooth, expressive vocals flow effortlessly over lush, expansive synths nicely paired with a trap-inspired beat that give the song a cool urban touch. ALL ALWAY sounds perfect for those long late night drives and is a great example of his heartfelt songwriting, smooth vocals and producing skills. Check it out below!



Speaking about the new single, he said,

'ALL AWAY' is about the various ways we distract ourselves from realising we are in denial. We party, we drink, we smoke…and for what? Beyond the temporary feeling of bliss, isn’t the point to escape and numb ourselves from a component of reality that we cannot bear to face? I wrote this song at a point when my own reality certainly was too brutal to face. I went from sharing a flat with my two best friends to standing alone in a crime scene after one stabbed the other. After that, escaping was my only way to cope with reality.