Hugo Valentine Shares New Single ‘Change’

London-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hugo Valentine is back with his brand new single Change, a nostalgia-laden piece of pop music.

I am a fan of Hugo Valentine's signature smooth, husky vocals and how they are packed with so much raw emotion in this song, instantly connecting us with his relatable storytelling.

Following his previously released singles My Friend and Rule the World, Change sees Hugo Valentine presenting fans with a contemplative and bittersweet ballad-esque single on which he unpacks childhood nostalgia and the difficulties of life. Adulthood isn't easy and I love the way he wraps this song around a captivating production packed with his signature piano chords and punchy, impactful drum patterns. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Hugo Valentine said,

In a rare situation for me, they [the lyrics] came pretty much immediately, with coherent meaning. I think the message for me was clear from the outset - grow up, change, be who you want to be, but don't forget who you really are. It sounds corny but has been such an important thread in my life, something so pertinent. I went to the studio later that day to lay down the demo. Beyond the core message of the song, it's also a song about realising that things are not as they seemed when you were a child. It's a moment to reflect on those childhood memories and view them from your adult self's perspective. Most children are very impressionable, as I certainly was, but there comes with that a sort of bliss of life, a lack of knowledge and understanding of the difficulties and complexities of life - 'Do you remember the strange days, when we were young and free' - this feels bittersweet when you reflect on it as an adult.