Hugo Valentine Shares New Single ‘Rule The World’
Following the release of his emotional single My Friend, London-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hugo Valentine is back with his brand new single Rule The World, an uplifting, feel-good piece of pop music.

I am a fan of Hugo Valentine's signature smooth, husky vocals and how they are backed rich, acoustic instrumentalisation that create quite big and euphoric atmosphere. I am very fond of the piano chords and how they are beautifully intertwined with gorgeous bass guitar and punchy percussion, beautifully enhancing the emotion of his storytelling.

Rule the world is a song about a close friend of Hugo’s who has been suffering from addiction. It’s an appeal to him to fight to regain his love of life and to find joy in positive things. It is difficult to witness the desperation and destruction that addiction causes but in writing ‘Rule The World’ Hugo seeks to sum up both pain and hope, aiming to uplift the listener and bring light to the darkness.

Rule The World's joyous melody and emotionally-tinged, yet uplifting lyrics, gives the listener a sign of hope and strength to endure the current pandemic times we're living in. I am loving the song's energy and how it instantly got me in a good mood and I think you guys will love it too. Check it out below!