Dare Summer Shares New Single ‘Your Wisdom’
Following the release of her dramatic, retro-styled single Step Back, British singer and songwriter Dare Summer returns with her brand new single Your Wisdom, a dreamy, mellow piano-led pop ballad taken from her upcoming EP set to arrive later this year.

I am really loving the song's chilled, more live, jazz-infused song, most especially those gorgeous piano melodies that beautifully back her distinctive vocals. I am a fan of Dare Summer's passionate vocal delivery and how she effortlessly conveys the emotion of her storytelling that explores her feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability while in the thrall of an older, more worldly lover. I am also very fond of the smooth percussion, cool guitar touches, lush strings and overall laid-back atmosphere of the song. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Dare Summer said,
I remember very clearly how I felt back then but hardly anything about the actual guy! The feelings of uselessness that I had, of being insignificant, like I didn't have a voice, are still very vivid and although I wasn't aware of it at the time, that was the point at which I started to grow.