California-based underground DIY-pop/hip-hop artist Jack Be is back with his brand new single Sorry to Bother You, the follow up to his highly addictive debut Beauty Hurts. One of the things I like about Jack is his playful visual aesthetic and vocal delivery. The melody of this song gives me a retro vibe and his playful rap is very good here and quite captivating. The whole atmosphere of the song is relaxing and perfect for the weekend to come.

To accompany the catchy track, Jack unveiled a funny video that follows him on a date with actress Camelia Somers. What happens to Jack is that being near a girl he has a crush on makes him turn into a nervous kid. Watch the fun video below!

Speaking about the song Jack said,
 Sorry to Bother You, to me, is just about the raw feeling of getting a strong crush on someone. The nervousness, the way your friends razz you, the butterflies. The chorus itself is really about my own policy on crushes - I just tell people when I have a crush on them, so it's me singing and crooning my feelings to the heavens. And yeah, I know it's an inconvenience, and I'll go away in a second and never bother you again (I swear), but for one moment I just take the leap. I guess that to me has always added spice to life, there's something really refreshing about being into someone, simply admitting it, and then going on with your life.