Dear Pressure Unveil Debut Single ‘NEVER’

Dear Pressure
Toronto-based duo Dear Pressure have unveiled debut single NEVER and I'm excited to share it with you guys! Loving its super smooth production paired with those soulful vocals. Those guitar licks are awesome and the song has an infectious laidback atmospheric vibe with psychedelic bliss. Stream it below! 

Speaking about the song the guys said,
This song is our way of balancing the tension between wanting to go elsewhere and realizing that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. It’s important to own the fact that your sense of self is attached to your sense of place.

We tried to develop a succinct sound for a year, mulling over a variety of sonic palettes, struggling to find something that encapsulated our musical interests while remaining honest. One day we ended up with this interplay between the guitar riff and a synth line which felt like it was trying to break through everything above it. We realized that’s how we wanted to sound and the feeling inspired our debut track. It’s representative of us owning where we are.
Dear Pressure are guitarist/songwriter Matt Kahane and producer Quin Kiu
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