Helena Legend Releases "No Explanations" Part 2 EP

Helena Legend Releases "No Explanations" Part 2 EP
Let's dance! Late last year, Helena Legend showed the world the extent of her talents on Part 1 of her newest EP, No Explanations. The Aussie triple threat demonstrated her personal and musical maturity through the EP's futuristic melodies, rhythmic basslines and sultry vocals; now she brings us Part 2 of No Explanations, featuring three sassy, fiery tracks. On Ghost Ya, a collaboration with Sophie Hintz, Helena lays down the law on a clingy man, then heads out on the town for the feminine party tune One Night featuring Sade Serena. Legend rounds out the package with U Don't Love Me, the EP's most powerful track, complete with brassy bass and old-school Dawn Penn sampling that makes for an absolute club weapon. I've got to say that I'm ADORING this EP guys. U Don't Love Me is my absolute favourite track. Stream this masterpiece below!

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