Olivia O’Brien Premieres ‘Empty’ Music Video

Olivia O'Brien Premieres ‘Empty’ Music Video
17 year old California singer and song­writer Olivia O’Brien, known worldwide after her smash collaboration with gnash on her self-composed global hit ‘i hate u i love u’, has released the official music video for her new single Empty, now available via Virgin EMI and featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK. The accompanying scenic Los Angeles-centric video, shot by director Chandler Lass, channels the deeply personal and soul-searching lyrics of the song.

Olivia said,
I wrote ‘Empty’ when i was at my lowest. I had just moved to LA and was kind of lost in life. I didn't feel like i fit in with my new friends but my old friends were moving on in their lives without me. I let myself wallow in my depression for months, letting it get worse and worse and not telling anyone until i started feeling like every aspect of my life was tragic and hopeless. Finally, when I started writing this song in a studio session I broke down and told the producer how I had been feeling. It was a very emotional day but I came out of it feeling so much better about everything and knowing I had just written my most vulnerable, emotional, and real song yet.
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