I'm in a soulful mood today! I am proud to introduce you to Brooklyn native artist, Tuac! This singer will release his debut EP, Higher Ground, on November 6th and I was lucky enough to have a first listen to it! I am a soul/r&b fan and this album is just that: perfect and timeless soul/r&b music. He's like the lovechild of Marvin Gaye, R. Kelly and Sam Cook! It took him 10 years to put together this EP and it was well worth it! Free Man has a gospel feel and is really a fun catchy song. It reminds me of those movies that are set in the 60s, classic r&b! Sunshine is another one of my favourites. It's just a classic and timeless song that makes me sing along! I love his voice so much! But my favourite track off this EP is Stronger!! A true r&b anthem and his voice is the star of this track! This is a perfect way to introduce himself to the music world. I can't stop listening to his music!! If you love classic soul and r&b I am sure you will love Tuac's EP! If you don't like soul nor r&b I think you will start to enjoy it after listening to this EP! As a treat you can download the title track on the player below!