I would like you to introduce you to Belmont Lights, an alternative pop/rock band from San Diego, California. The band has 4 members: Isaiah Blas-Vocals/Keys, Casey Peek-Guitar, Jed Peek-Bass and Oscar Gonzalez-Drums. They have released their debut EP, Telegraphs, in July and it is a perfect example of their talent! First I have to point out Isaiah's voice.... a great distinctive tone that make them sound even more special! Now on to their music... it is basically a mix of alt rock with pop and progressive music! They remind me of bands like The Script, The Fray, Lawson, Owl City, etc. I absolutely LOVE their track Halfway... just perfection... both lyrically and musically speaking! It is the sure radio hit off the entire EP! Battle and Young & A Memory are my other favourite tracks! If you like pop/rock music with a cool edge, with great melodies and lyrics I am sure you will LOVE them as much as I am loving them!