Lenka Shares New Single ‘Ultraviolet’

Australian multi-talented singer-songwriter Lenka shares her brand new single Ultraviolet, the latest single to be lifted from her new album, Intraspectral which is out now via Skipalong Records. 
I am a fan of Lenka's voice and how commanding and expressive they are, effortlessly infusing the song with a touch of vulnerability and emotion. Ultraviolet is a song about take chances, expand our horizons and live life to the fullest. This message is wrapped around a vibrant electro-pop production that pairs a memorable driving beat with lush, shimmering synths and drums that together create an overall warm, dreamy atmosphere perfect for a late night drive or to get you in a good mood after a long day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Lenka said, 
 I wrote this song with Julian Hamilton from The Presets and its kind of a bookend to the theme of the album Instraspectral. It’s about not wanting to stay safe and simple, but to expand in life and keep all the colours shining bright. Ultraviolet is actually the colour frequency higher than violet; it sits outside the rainbow. It is not visible to us and can be dangerous, but I kinda like this metaphor for living life.