Hazlett Shares New Single ‘Slow Running’

Stockholm-based, Australian singer and songwriter Hazlett shares his brand new single Slow Running, a dreamy and enchanting piece of indie-folk music, out now via Nettwerk Music. 
Taken from his upcoming new EP Goodbye to the Valley Low, out December 8th, Slow Running is a serene piece of music about that feeling we have when things are going too well, wondering how long it's going to last. I am always suspicious when things are going well, always ready for everything to come crumbling down. This message is beautifully delivered through Hazlett's smooth, harmonious vocals which are backed by feather-light guitars, lush strings and subtle piano keys that together create a soothing slice of ambient folk that is perfect for a reflective day home alone. Check it out below!


Hazlett on the track:

When the going’s good and all is well it usually means there’s a strange little thought that wonders how long is it going to last. Maybe we’ve all grown too cynical, thinking the good times are never going to last or we’ve stumbled into a strange emotional evolution. Before anything has a chance to hurt us we’ve already prepared for the ghost. Bunkered down in our thoughts and vivid imaginations of what might come and what might not ever be.