deathbypeanuts Shares Debut Single ‘Cold As Usual’ with MERON

German producer, classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist, deathbypeanuts shares his official debut single Cold As Usual a gorgeous collaboration with R&B vocalist MERON. 
Out now via Lekker Collective, Cold As Usual is such a memorable introduction of deathbypeanuts's producing skills as we find the talented artist delivering immersive soundscapes that, coupled with MERON's silky falsetto, make this a perfect blend of tasteful sonic elements. MERON's vocals are incredibly captivating, exuding raw emotion and soul, instantly connecting listeners to their storytelling of those moments when relationships get a bit cold, with one or both parties emotionally distancing from one another. His vocals are seamlessly backed by an understated, memorable production with groovy rhythms and synths, together creating an overall warm, soulful atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, deathbypeanuts said,
We wrote CAU during summer 2022 - this demo idea was lying around from my time in London with Ben Esser, where I made it for an artist who ended up wanting a more hip-hop direction. We tabled it, but I ended up sending it to MERON, we met up in the studio and the rest is history. I was listening to a lot of Gwen Bunn‘s “2MANYTHINGS” at the time, and I wanted to bring abit of that warm energy into the production in my own way.

MERON added,
The idea for “Cold As Usual” was to capture the honesty of the situation, rather than dressing it up with unnecessary sentiment or cliches. Thematically, "CAU" is about those moments when relationships get frosty, and I wanted it to resonate with anyone who's ever felt that same emotional distance, without sugarcoating it. That's what makes this song real and relatable to us.