Chris Shaba Shares New Single ‘Went Away’

Australian artist Chris Shaba shares his brand new single Went Away, a captivating heartfelt record. 
I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how soulful and passionate his delivery is, effortlessly capturing my attention to his storytelling. Known for his versatility across R&B, Melodic Rap, and Soul genres, Chris Shaba is now showcasing his versatility as an artist, departing from his conventional style and showing growth as an artist. This soulful, contemporary r&b gem features groovy percussive elements, lush piano keys and catchy rhythms that together create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Chris Shaba said, 
This song represents a significant evolution in my music journey. It's a step into new territory, and I'm thrilled to share it with my fans. 'Went Away' is a blend of soul and RnB that truly comes from the heart.