Bronze Whale x Sofasound Share New Single ‘Switched On’ ft. VoxOnUs

Bronze Whale, the project of American artists Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley, are back with yet another groovy piece of music called Switched On, a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist/producer Sofasound and vocalist VoxOnUs. 
Taken from their upcoming collaborative EP, Couch Mammals, Switched On is a captivating song about new love, perfectly encapsulating the excitement of falling in love. Produced, sang, mixed and mastered by themselves, this song is packed with bright, groovy rhythms that instantly got me in a good mood. I am really enjoying the soulful vocals of VoxOnUs which effortlessly infuse a touch of soul to the song and contrast with Benny's effortless rap style vocal delivery. The whole atmosphere of the song is quite uplifting and blissful, making this a great song to play to get you in a good mood in no time. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Benny Alley said, 
As we developed the songs for this EP, John (Sofasound) presented us with this amazing demo, featuring the vocals of VoxOnUs. It was really unique and playful, with these soulful vocals layered on top. I (Benny) flew out to Sacramento for writing sessions with Aaron, and he showed me this song on the first day. After that it was all I could think of. We knew we wanted to try something new on this release, and to be really care-free in our exploration of this EP. That led to me doing more of a rap style vocal for the first time.