Avara Unveils New Single ‘BABY BLUE BEAMER’

Indian-American producer and artist Avara shares her new single BABY BLUE BEAMER, a super smooth and sensual piece of indie R&B music. 
Her fifth single to date, and the first to be lifted from her upcoming EP, BABY BLUE BEAMER finds the talented artist experimenting with different influences to produce her own, distinctive sound. I am really enjoying the blend of alternative R&B and rock instrumentation with soaring guitars and killer percussive elements being nicely intertwined with ethereal Indian-inspired vocals and sexy lyricism. Avara's rich, soulful vocals exude so much passion and sensuality, effortlessly capturing the listeners to her storytelling of relationships and female empowerment, expressing that women shouldn’t be afraid to ask for their needs to be met, romantically, emotionally, or otherwise. I am loving her velvety, flawless vocal runs, stunning guitar solo near the end and how seductive the song is, sounding perfect for a steamy bedroom session. Check it out below!