Tyler Edwards Shares New Single ‘What Happens Next?’

American singer and songwriter Tyler Edwards has just shared his brand new single What Happens Next?, a hauntingly-beautiful indie-folk gem out now via Mighty Kind Records. 
I am loving his super smooth, expressive vocals which instantly create such a warm and comforting touch that drew my attention to his storytelling. His last release of 2023, What Happens Next? is a song about uncertainty and finding peace in letting go. It reminds listeners that we're not in control of what happens in our lives and that sometimes letting go is the best thing to do. This message is beautifully backed by a captivating indie-folk production that pairs intricate acoustic guitar plucks with lush strings, subtle percussive elements, delicate piano keys and haunting harmonies that together create an overall warm, intimate atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tyler Edwards said, 
This is a song about uncertainty and finding peace in letting go. All important things seem to require a willingness to release and love the outcome no matter what the end might be. I am thinking specifically of how to best love others and even ourselves. Many of us want to control the things that are most important in our life, but I keep learning that the reality is we are not in control and there is something wonderful in surrender. As this year nears the end, I want to look back and forward with gratitude for all that I have and have lost, while continuing to find ways to take better care of those around me and myself.