Siobhán Winifred Shares New Single ‘Killers’

London-based alt-pop artist Siobhán Winifred shares her brand new single Killers, a vibrant indie-pop gem! 
Killers beautifully showcases Siobhán Winifred's songwriting prowess and her innate ability to transform intricate human experiences into poignant musical narratives. The song finds the talented artist exploring the raw emotions and complexities involved in navigating relationships with individuals possessing narcissistic tendencies. 
A message flawlessly conveyed through her dulcet, expressive vocals which exude so much emotion and vulnerability that effortlessly enhances the emotion of her storytelling. Backing her gorgeous vocal delivery, we have an upbeat indie-pop production that pairs intricate, sun-soaked guitar riffs, punchy drum patterns and catchy rhythms that create a warm atmosphere perfect for her storytelling and vocals to soar. I am really enjoying the contrast between the upbeat production and emotional storytelling, which just makes the song stand out even more! Check it out below!