Pieternel Shares Acoustic Version Of ‘Standing On The Edge’

Dutch singer and songwriter Pieternel shares a stunning acoustic version of her latest single Standing On The Edge, a warm, emotional piece of Americana/Acoustic Folk music. 
Written by Pieternel and Grammy Award winner Femke Weidema, Standing On The Edge is a song about trying to help someone but not knowing how, making you feel quite powerless. It's a song about making sure the other person knows you're there for them when they need you. This acoustic version has subtle changes that enhance the emotion pouring from Pieternel's rich, lush vocals, making it sound even more emotional and comforting. I am loving the intricate guitar riffs seamlessly intertwined with lush strings that create such a heartwarming, intimate atmosphere perfect for a cold, rainy day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Pieternel said, 
This song is one close to my heart, trough the years I’ve seen some people, both family members and friends, struggle and I myself have struggled in life too, just because it’s not always easy. No one can deal with that alone but sometimes all you want to do in those moments is to just be alone. This song is about me telling you that I’ll be right there with you when you need me the most and I hope people can find some comfort in this or send it to their loved once who might be walking on a tough road.