Delara Shares Powerful New Single ‘Didn't You Know’

Norwegian artist Delara shares her brand new single Didn't You Know, an empowering dream-pop offering out now via GR:OW Records. 
I am really enjoying the powerful, somewhat eerie vibes of the song which create quite an epic and powerful soundscape that allows for Delara's stunning vocals and storytelling abilities to soar. Delara's rich, unique tone and delivery exudes so much soul and confidence, effortlessly commanding the listener's attention from start to finish. Didn't You Know strikes a chord as it skillfully narrates the journey of deep introspection during one's lowest moments. It explores the profound realisation that we enter this world alone and will ultimately depart from it in solitude, a poignant reminder that confronting our darkest moments can ignite personal growth and self-enhancement. 
This relatable message is wrapped around a memorable production that pairs haunting harmonies with lush synths, killer bass and hard-hitting beats that culminate into an infectious chorus perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!



In Delera’s own words, she eloquently explains
To encounter yourself at rock bottom and understand that it can only lead to improvement. When you grasp the fact that you are born alone and will pass away alone, and no one can inflict more pain on you than you can on yourself. Once you've faced your darkest moments, not even the devil can frighten you, because you comprehend that what can truly harm you the most in the world are your own thoughts and actions. Nothing is scarier and more perilous than that.