Bryn Christopher Shares New Single ‘High’

After building a reputation as British pop's secret weapon by writing hits for Sigala, Louis Tomlinson and Melanie C, among others, British singer and songwriter Bryn Christopher is stepping into the spotlight with the release of his euphoric new single High! 
I am a fan of his powerhouse vocals and how dynamic and expressive his delivery is, effortlessly capturing our attention from the start. Written bt Bryn and recorded with DJ-producers Jodie Harsh and Laconic, High finds the talented artist showcasing his gift for soulful and uplifing dance music, which just makes this release stand out even more as the weekend is right around the corner.  
High is a deeply personal song that draws from his own journey towards self-acceptance, serving as a self-love anthem for listeners all around the world. Apart from his passionate vocals and uplifting storytelling, I am particularly fond of the infectious electro-pop and house production with lush piano chords and gospel house sounds seamlessly paired with killer percussive elements and synths that together create a high-energy, feel-good and anthemic atmosphere perfect for a fun weekend and to dance the pain away. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Bryn Christopher said,
When I sing 'I prayed and it didn't work', that's me looking back at a time when I really, really didn't want to be gay. My partner has told me he felt exactly the same way when he was younger – as I think so many gay kids do – so this song means a lot to both of us. Obviously now as an adult, I'm really proud of being gay. It isn't all that I am, but I do think it has helped to shape me as a person and an artist. And it can give me a very unique perspective in songwriting sessions.

Jodie Harsh comments on the songwriting process, 
This song first came about on a zoom session during the lockdown days, and we later dug back into it and made it really shine. We were channelling those great gospel house sounds and lyrics about a love feeling so strong that it’s almost like a religious feeling, Bryn’s voice is of course epic, and they really take it to church.