Paige Valentine Shares New Single ‘Navigate’

Australian singer and songwriter Paige Valentine shares her brand new single Navigate, the latest single to be taken from her forthcoming debut EP, Lucky Blue, due out Friday February 2nd via Nettwerk.
Navigate is another deeply personal yet very relatable offering from the talented artist who effortlessly showcases her storytelling and singing abilities. Drenched in electro-pop sonics, Navigate finds Paige Valentine exploring a relationship between two people who are absolutely not right for each other but are united by some cosmic magnetism that is impossible to resist. Backing this message we have a polished instrumentation that balances bubbling, textural harps with a warped, pulsing melody and killer synths that together create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere that contrasts with the lyrics that burn with urgency and frustration. This is a magnetic and memorable piece of electro-pop music that I think you will love! Check it out below!



On the track, Paige explains, 
’Navigate’ is about the phenomenon of someone only wanting someone or something when it’s gone. It’s about the magnetic force that makes toxic lovers so hard to separate, the push-pull dynamic, and internal agony of waiting for someone to stop being confused and ‘see the light’, see the good things. It’s also about the psychic feeling that the love interest has someone else, that there’s something in the way of the connection, or in the way of the relationship having a proper start. So navigating a space of trying to be carefree and understanding, but also being frustrated and exhausted, struggling with the power and force of the connection. It was about a guy who was always looking for greener grass while he had good things, and ultimately deciding to leave this unforgettable, powerful, magnetic, and chaotic chemistry to just be a memory.