Kwasi Shares New Single ‘Poison’

Ghanaian-Australian artist Kwasi shares his brand new single Poison, a captivating, genre-bending song about heartbreak. 
I am really enjoying how Kwasi pairs elements of indie, punk and hip-hop into a bold sonority that instantly makes the song quite memorable. Kawsi's confident vocal delivery captures the listeners to his self-indulgent perspective on heartbreak, finding solace in solitude and encouraging his partner to 'run away, far away, cause this love is like poison'. A song that beautifully encapsulates the conflicting emotions of a relationship reaching its inevitable end. 
Backing his vocals we have a powerful hip-hop energy with vibrant indie and punk-rock soundscapes that feature hayz, indie guitar riffs, upbeat drums and lush synths that ebb and flow with his lyrics, weaving dreamy chorus melodies that contrast with his briskly delivered verses. Check it out below!



Kwasi reveals: 
In ‘POISON’, I am caught in a daze of hopeful sadness, knowing the end is near. Hungover from intoxicating love, I romanticize the positive parts of the relationship, but deep down I know it’s best to just 'Run away’.