Joelle Charan Shares New Single ‘Forgive Me’

British songstress Joelle Charan shares her brand new single Forgive Me, a captivating song that combines modern pop music with orchestral horns and Indian instrumentation. 
Out now via Upstream Records, Forgive Me was born from a time of loneliness and emptiness, finding the talented artist asking for forgiveness following an argument with her mother. A very relatable song that is flawlessly delivered through Joelle's luscious, soulful vocals which are wrapped around a memorable production with cinematic harmonies, lush brass elements and rhythms that create quite a heartfelt and warm atmosphere. It's a song radiating with fairytale-like imagery and that allows the talented artist to showcase her singing and storytelling abilities. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Joelle Charan said,
Although I learned and experienced amazing things, I often felt lonely living in New York, an ocean separating me from home. The times my best friend and family came to visit cheered me up, but when they left, I felt a wave of loneliness and emptiness overcome me. It was during one of these times that I wrote 'Forgive Me'. I'd just fought with my mum, who had come to visit me, and we weren't talking to each other. I was walking down a New York avenue in the rain on my way to church, hoping for her to forgive me for the pain I had caused ('You're breaking all my walls. I tried to bite, you tried to breathe. You've carried all the blows, forgive me'). After I had lighted a candle in church (my mum is Catholic) I said a prayer. I prayed for my mum's forgiveness and for the strength to overcome the loneliness and emptiness I felt inside. In the end I did, and my mum and I reconciled.