Skyler Day Shares New Single ‘The Best Worst Thing’

American singer and songqriter Skyler Day shares her brand new single The Best Worst Thing, a heartwarming indie-pop/acoustic folk gem out now via We Are: The Guard. 
I am really enjoying the confessional storytelling, making it sound like we're reading pages from a diary. Skyler Day's vocals are incredibly captivating, packed with raw emotion and vulnerability that makes it impossible not to feel each and every single word she is singing. Apart from her lovely storytelling and stunning vocals, I am very fond of the song's warmth and soothing touch that is enhanced by the intricate acoustic guitar plucks seamlessly intertwined with delicate piano keys and lush rhythms that build up with energy to match the emotion of her storytelling, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere that feels like a warm embrace. Check it out below!