Sianon Shares New Single ‘Loving You This Way’

Australia-based, British singer and songwriter Sianon has just shared her brand new single Loving You This Way, a heartfelt pop ballad! 
I am really enjoying the emotion pouring from her lovely vocals which effortlessly infuses the song with a touch of vulnerability that makes the song stand out even more. Written with fellow musicians Jolé and Callum Burrows (Saint Raymond), Loving You This Way is a celebration of love and life in your 20's as you slowly figure out who you wish to become. The song is also a joyous reflecting on her journey from the UK to Australia, showing us a shift both musically and personally to a place that feels like home for the emerging artist. 
Apart from her lovely vocals, I am particularly fond of the lush piano chords seamlessly paired with warm rhythms and subtle strings/synths that together create quite a heartwarming and intimate atmosphere. Check it out below!