LÉON Shares New Single ‘Pretty Boy’

Swedish singer and songwriter LÉON shares her brand new single Pretty Boy, a beautifully melodic piece of indie-pop music! 
I am loving the tone of her voice and how powerful and passionate her vocal delivery is, soaring effortlessly over the infectious production. Pretty Boy, produced by LÉON and Henrik Michelsen, is a song of new beginnings and welcomed changes, a relatable message wrapped around a memorable production that pairs lush guitar lines with a memorable driving beat, punchy drums and lush atmospherics that create an uplifting soundscape perfect for a carefree weekend! Check it out below!



Speaking on the meaning behind the song, 
LÉON shares ”Pretty Boy” is a song about time. About making up for the time you’ve lost and what kind of future you’re hoping for. About choosing to be happy, in a way, and how you can remain connected to certain people and places without seeing them for the longest time. Right after it was written I knew it had to be the first single.