Landon Conrath & Ber Share New Single ‘Funeral Home’

Minneapolis indie-pop artist Landon Conrath teams up with his friend and fellow Minnesotan Ber to ddeliver Funeral Home, a captivating duet that focuses on relationship anxiety when your mind thinks the worst. 
Out now via Nettwerk, Funeral Home is such a memorable and heartfelt duet that instantly gave me the feels and made me want to come back to it over and over again. Landon and Ber's vocals fit beautifully together, both packed with soul and emotion, flowing passionately over the infectious production. Landon and Ber embody each partner’s viewpoint on death and trauma. The subject ties into the larger themes of paralyzing anxiety and fear of death that appear throughout Landon’s new EP I’m Alive… So It’s Fine. This relatable storytelling is wrapped around a sparse, atmospheric production that features lush, intricate acoustic guitar riffs, dreamy harmonies and a killer beat that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day at home. Check it out below!



Landon explains the origins of Funeral Home:
I wrote this song after seeing an Olivia Rodrigo concert. Gracie Abrams was the opener, and I was immediately inspired to write a stripped back pop song after hearing how she weaved intricate lyrics over delicate guitars and soft drums. The song focuses on this idea of relationship anxiety. Specifically, anxiety surrounding the death of your partner. It talks through each partner’s differing views on the subject; how one of them is constantly worried about the other dying and how one of them is admittedly a bit too apathetic about it all.