Jason Patel Shares Sensual New Single ‘Choclafied’

UK-based, singer, songwriter and actor Jason Patel shares his brand new single Choclafied, a smooth and sensual piece of R&B that celebrates owning your skin. 

This empowering, self-love anthem is beautifully delivered through his gorgeuos, soulfully theatrical tone which oozes so much emotion and sensuality, gliding effortlessly over the chilled out R&B production. Choclafied is a testament to his sheer skill in artistry. It’s a sweet celebration of owning your skin, finding the beauty within yourself and reclaiming your power. I am really enjoying the lush guitar plucks and captivating rhythms that create quite a warm and sensual atmosphere perfect for bedroom sessions. 

Accompanying the track is a stunning music video, directed by Cat Couture, his creation of a beautiful, queer, POC centred Eden which falls nothing short of mesmerising. 


Speaking of the track, he says, 

I was at a point in my life where I felt empowered, and truly was inspired to love everything about myself. I genuinely fell in love with me and I was proud of who I became. Choclafied was a song where I could not only own my skin, my sensuality and freedom of just being me and not apologising for it but for everyone and anyone. It’s fun, flirty, sexy and steamy. It’s about time we stop caring what other people think and just really own ourselves and never stop apologising for it, because we are all of these amazing things and more! Another side of this was me looking back at how i was shamed for my skin, my sexuality and many many things but i thought no thank you, let me reclaim all of this because my skin is a dirty brown, it's delicious, chocolatey, gooey, sweet and desirable. That's how I want everyone to feel in their skin and about their skin no matter what shade, shape or size!