Helaine Vis Shares New Single ‘No Sugar’

Berlin-based, Polish singer and songwriter Helaine Vis shares her brand new single No Sugar, a super smooth, soulful piece of Contemporary R&B out now via Springstoff. 
I am really enjoying Helain's honeyed, soulful vocals and how they exude self-assurance, encouraging listeners to stand up for theirselves. An empowering anthem of resilience and self-respect, No Sugar features groovy rhythms and infectious melodies that pair hip-hop, r&b and soul elements to create such a warm, laid-back atmosphere that allows for Helaine Vis's stunning vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Helaine Vis said, 
The song is referring to the saying we have in Poland. When it's raining outside and you struggle to get out your mom would always tell you "You're not made of sugar, you won't melt". This metaphor came to my mind, of walking in the rain of troubles and problems and going through some hard times, but staying strong and surviving all cause "I'm not made of sugar". And as much as the real and metaphorical rain can be inconvenient and unpleasant we go through it. It's one of those songs I wrote trying to comfort myself that despite the odds, I'm still moving forward. I stumble and wander, but in the end I manage and I don't melt in this rain of problems, because I'm not made of sugar.