A Story Told Share New Single ‘My Place’

American Pop/Rock trio A Story Told share their brand new single My Place, the latest single to be taken from their forthcoming album Mundane Magic. 
What I like the most about this song is its infectious energy and how it got me hyped up for a fun weekend. I am really enjoiying the passionate vocals which sing about taking care of our well-being, focusing on what truly matters in our lives, letting go of all the noise and people that don't bring you joy. A true celebration of what makes us happy, My Place is wrapped around a high-energy production that pairs catchy rhythms, cool guitars, a memorable driving beat and lush brass elements. The overall atmosphere of the song is quite uplifting, getting you in a good mood in no time and singing along to it while dancing! Check it out below!



The band says on the track,
My Place is a staple in the narrative of Mundane Magic. It’s about the 'moment' where you decide to create your “place” of inner well-being and begin to focus on the things and people that truly bring value and meaning to your life, while eliminating (kicking out) the noise, the things, and people that don’t. I think when you do that, life reveals a new and exciting mindset & opportunities you weren’t able to see before.