Louis Pax Share New Single ‘in case i don't see ya’

Swedish pop band Louis Pax, consisting of lead singer Oscar Reingsdahl, his brother Gustav Reingsdahl on guitar, friends Hannes Tingfors on bass, and Hannes Pennsäter on drums, share their brand new single in case i don't see ya, a stunning acoustic/folk song. 
Taken from their highly-anticipated EP, also titled in case i don't see ya (part I), this poignant track finds Oscar Rengsdahl beautifully showcasing his mesmerising, emotionally-charged vocals over a captivating acoustic guitar-driven production. With a touch of country music and a singer-songwriter vibe, in case i don't see ya captures the essence of a heartfelt breakup, conveying the emotions attached to parting ways with someone with whom you share a profound connection, yet still caring about them. It also explores the challenges of navigating breakups in today's society, where social media and the internet play significant roles. The song touches on the struggle of gathering news from meme accounts and reflects on how dating app culture often makes it difficult to forge deep, long-lasting commitments. 
Apart from his vocals I am particularly fond of the acoustic guitar melodies and additional overdub recording that amplifies the song's intensity and authentic atmosphere. This is one of those songs that will give you the feels in no time, sounding perfect for a reflective day home alone. Check it out below!