Noah Pearce Shares New Single ‘Ballet Dancer’

21-year-old trans singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Noah Pearce returns with new single Ballet Dancer, an upbeat pop song out now via Distiller Records. 
Sampling Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet, Ballet Dancer demonstrates Noah Pearce's aptitude for storytelling, the song's candid lyrics traverse the complexities of relationships and conjure vivid images to reflect the frustrations of loving someone but life ultimately getting in the way. 
This message is beautifully delivered through Noah Pearce's lush, passionate vocals which soar effortlessly over the infectious melodies. Apart from his vocals, I am particularly fond of the catchy beat seamlessly paired with lively piano keys and lush strings that enhance the emotion pouring from his vocals. 
Speaking about the song, Noah Pearce said it tells the story of, 
two people who are in love but whose ambitions and dreams took them to different places, and how despite a split being a mutual agreement, the ballet dancer still takes up a big part of your brain. She's still, as it says in the song, pirouetting around my heart. 
The accompanying music video and artwork perfectly mirror this sentiment. The ballet dancer on the EP artwork, incidentally, is Noah's grandmother - a principle dancer in the Hamburg Ballet Company who danced with Nureyev. Noah adds, 
She actually danced to Romeo and Juliet - a famous ballet that talks of doomed love. It felt like a lot of stars lining up: everything fell into place.