Kahone Concept Shares New Single ‘Kung Fu Kahone’

Pittsburgh-based pop artist/producer Kahone Concept shares his brand new single Kung Fu Kahone, a blissful, feel-good piece of pop music. 
I am really enjoying the passionate, expressive vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the upbeat production. Part of his year long plan to release a song a month, Kung Fu Kahone is a song that encourages listeners to not take things so seriously and celebrate life. This song is wrapped around infectious melodies that feature a killer beat and lush sax that enhance its warmth and feel-good vibes. Check it out below!


 Speaking about the song, Kahone Concept said, 

Everyone has dreams. If they aren't at night, then you certainly can count on zoning out into a daydream. That's exactly what this song is. I closed my eyes and pictured myself as a crime fighting tough guy from the 70's in a diner, about to go hand and hand with an unworthy opponent. I've had my fair share of songs I have written about my depression and anxiety, but life is meant to be celebrated as well, and that includes not taking thing so seriously.